Coffin & Casket Selection

Personalised Funerals

Here at Malone & Fox, we have high expectations from any supplier of coffins and caskets that we choose to provide for our clients. The materials used must be obtained from renewable sources; and suppliers are encouraged to participate in the forestry stewardship scheme.  Our coffin manufacturers must also comply with the Environmental Protection Act 1990 relating to the finishes and polishes used-modern water based compliant products which reduce solvent emissions.

Because the choice of coffin can be guided by religious or local customs, and will almost certainly be influenced by personal taste and possibly the type of funeral, we can supply an extensive range in the choice of materials and finishes.

The coffins we supply are tasteful and well-crafted; and recent additions in the coffin range reflect the choices of those who are environmentally conscious

As themed coffins are a special order, it may be necessary to allow extra time for their manufacture and preparation. We will be pleased to answer any questions you may have.

Personalised Funerals

Funeral Flowers & Floral Tributes

Flowers and floral tributes are an integral part of any funeral. There are many options available, which cater for all tastes which can be viewed in our vast range of brochures. The florist can create a variety of beautiful floral tributes; as well as offer advice on colours and positioning.

Funeral Flowers dress the hearse and the coffin and provide mourners with the opportunity to express their condolences. The florists will liaise directly with us to ensure the flowers are in place in good time for the funeral.

Some of the floral tributes they offer include:

  • Coffin sprays
  • Open heart tributes
  • Based hearts
  • Prayer books
  • Single or double ended oasis sprays
  • Funeral wreath rings
  • Crosses
  • Personal lettered tributes, such as “MUM” “DAD”
  • Children’s tributes
  • Tied sheaves

Personalised Funerals

Memorials, Headstones & Plaques

For burial services, you will probably want to consider selecting a permanent memorial to mark the grave.  We are able to supply a wide variety of the highest quality, crafted memorials; these can be supplied in any material, colour, size or finish. We can even arrange for a memorial to be designed to your own personal requirements.

For family plots, we can also carry out additional inscriptions and renovations on existing memorials.

No memorial work is undertaken until we have provided you with a full written estimate and you are happy with it.

The first step is to contact us to arrange an appointment either at our offices, your home or even the cemetery memorial site, to discuss your requirements.  Please call us on 0141 649 4900 with any questions. We can be reached on that number 24 hours a day, on 365 days of the year! Alternatively, you can also reach us via email.

Personalised Funerals